Features at a glance...

  • Priced at £99* (if paid by Direct Debit*)
  • 1 Information Panel + 1 Contact Panel
  • Ideal internet business card
  • Design tailored for you
  • Free domain name
  • Free hosting and maintenance
  • Email

The starter website design package at just £99 is the internet equivalent of your unique business card and is ideal for establishing your presence of the web.


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The starter web design package provides you with the following main features:

Two Panel Website

Less is more... and one page with 2 panels can say just what you need. Add to that a  a Google map of your location and people will be able to get in touch and find you with ease. Extra pages may be added from £60 per page (when commissioned as part of your original order).


Tailored Brand Design

Need a logo, or your existing business design adapted for the web?... that's included.

Free UK Domain Name

This provides the '' name for your website, where 'your business' can be any available UK domain name. If your preferred name is not available we will suggest suitable alternatives. For a small additional fee we can also register the .com name, again where available.

Email Control Panel

You will get a set of email addresses of your choice, for example sales@ / john@/ Email links to these addresses can also be included on your website.
We support IMAP for your phone.
Plus you get your own personal Webmail login, so you can read your email almost anywhere in the world.

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