Link Training Partnership – training company

“EYELOOK led us through the whole process of what we needed for our web site. They set about designing a site customised exactly how we wanted. Then they trained one of our team to use the content management system, now we update the site whenever we want.” » view

Currie / Wager – photographers

“I moved my web site and email to EYELOOK after I suffered massive problems with the service I had from one of the big name suppliers. I have never looked back, gone are all my old emails problems. When we expanded the business and created Currie / Wager, Eyelook designed a new site that acts as our portfolio. It has served us excellently, presenting a very user-friendly slide show and allowing us to update our images whenever required.” » view

Plasma Studios – architects

“A friend referred us to EYELOOK web hosting services. Our business has expanded rapidly over the years and Eyelook have been able to upgrade our service as and when we need it.”

The Lynwood – hotel

“EYELOOK came and photographed our hotel for the tourist brochure. Then they built our web site. As we have improved our hotel they have taken more photographs, and now we have a crisp, modern, “content managed” web site to go with it too!” » view

Richard Freestone – photographer

“I moved all my original services to EYELOOK and have registered several new ones with them since.  They are my first port of call when I want to start a new project. Whether it’s just a Domain Name, a WordPress Blog, or a Web hosting contract I can heartily recommend them to my fellow Photographers and anyone else in business.”

Briars Hall – hotel

“We wanted a modern, clear web site that highlighted our best features. EYELOOK designed a web site that showcases each aspect on a different page with a subtle rolling slideshow. They also took over management of our email (who we formerly had a with a 3rd party supplier) which now works seamlessly both with our clients and internally for our staff. As the years have gone on our requirements have increased. EYELOOK has recently upgraded our web site to a fully Content Managed System, which means we can edit every page and even add new ones how and when we want. They have done this at a very affordable price.” » view

Wera von Reden – artist

EYELOOK photographed my paintings… it was quite a challenge but they turned out really well. Then they found a designer who could print a catalogue for me. Eyelook then created my web site based upon the catalogue. Thank you Eyelook.”


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